Art Exhibit Call for Entries


The City Library hosts art exhibitions at all of our locations to expose residents to new art forms and ideas, to foster creativity and inspire curiosity, and to provide exhibition opportunities for the artistic community. Exhibits are chosen by a staff committee according to the needs and interests of the community, the variety of shows, the artistic quality of the works, and the suitability of format for each Library's physical space. If you wish for your art to be considered for exhibition at one of our libraries, please read the following information and instructions.


Please submit your portfolio within the two weeks prior to the deadline. Artists will receive notification of acceptance or rejection within four weeks following these deadlines. Artists who have exhibited at a City Library location will not be considered for exhibition within two year of their previous exhibition.


The City Library accepts portfolios by physical and electronic application. Only submit one application per call for entries period.


Artists are invited to deliver or mail their submission to the City Library location where they most prefer to exhibit their work. Please submit only one portfolio to a single location. If not selected for exhibition at the preferred location, an artist's entry will be considered for other Library locations. Physical submissions should include the following items:

  • A completed Art Exhibit Application Form, available at all locations or available for download here:     Application Form (PDF) | Impreso de solicitud en español (PDF)
  • An artist's statement and résumé or biography
  • A portfolio of 10–20 images of work that can be exhibited as a unit. Images may be submitted as printed photographs or on a CD. Images should be well-lighted with artwork photographed against a neutral background. If submitting photographs, please submit in a transparent plastic holder. For each photograph, include the artist's name, medium, size, and direction of viewing. If submitting images on a CD, each image must be submitted as an individual high-quality JPEG file. Images should also be listed on a separate sheet with the artist's name, title, medium, and size in the same order as on the CD. CD must be readable on a PC.
  • If you would like your portfolio returned to you after the selection process, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


Artists are invited to submit their portfolio for consideration through the Art Exhibit Submission Form on The City Library's website. The form is available two weeks prior to the submission deadline. It is not available any other time. Electronic submissions should include the following elements:

  • A completed Art Exhibit Online Submission Form, accessible below during the submission period (all fields are required)
  • An artist's statement and résumé or biography
  • A portfolio of 10–20 images of work that can be exhibited as a unit. Images may be submitted as a Flickr Album or a unique webpage. (If submitting a unique webpage, please type or paste the URL in the "Website" field. If submitting a Flickr Album, please paste the specific Flickr Album URL in the "Flickr Album" field.) Images should be well-lighted with artwork photographed against a neutral background. Please include information about the dimensions of each work in the image descriptions.
How to create a Flickr Album as a portfolio for a City Library Art Exhibit Submission
  • You must have a Flickr account in order to create a Flickr Album. Accounts are free and can be created by clicking "Sign Up" at
  • Once logged in to Flickr, click the Upload button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Upload your images by dragging & dropping them into the browser window, or click the "Choose photos and videos" button and select the files directly from your hard drive.
  • Each item must be given a description that includes the title of the piece, medium, and size. To do so, click the "Add a description" button below each image.
  • To create your Album, highlight all of the images you wish to include in your portfolio for submission, then click "Add to albums" in the menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the blue "Create a new album" button at the bottom of the pop-up window, then give your new album a title (something like "City Library Art Exhibit Submission") and description (optional), then click the "Create album" button.
  • Once all images have been added to the Album, click the "Upload X Photos" button in the upper-right corner of the screen to publish them (along with the album containing them) to your Flickr account.
  • In order to share the Flickr Album with the Library, click on the Albums tab. While hovering over the Album you've created for the Library, click the "Share this album" button (right-facing arrow). Copy and paste the URL from the pop-up window that appears into the proper field in the Library's Art Exhibit Online Submission Form.


  • The City Library will install the exhibit and produce a label for each piece of artwork listing title, medium, and date. The Library does not print prices on artwork labels but will provide a price list to patrons upon request.
  • The City Library will produce postcard-sized show announcements.
  • The City Library will assume responsibility for damage or losses for an appraised value not to exceed $3,000 per piece while items are exhibited.
  • The City Library will submit press release to local media and include exhibit information in appropriate promotional venues.
  • The Artist will provide the Library with high-resolution digital images for use in promotion of the exhibition.
  • The Artist will provide the Library with a resume/biography, artist's statement, and a list of titles and prices.
  • All sales inquiries are referred to the artist or their representative; The City Library does not facilitate sales transactions.
  • The City Library will provide an exhibition agreement to be signed by the artist and a Library representative.
  • The Artist will sign a City Library exhibition agreement. If the artist is 18 years old or younger, the exhibition agreement must also be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • If artwork is two-dimensional, the work must be wired and ready for hanging.
  • The Library provides locking cases and pedestals for small three-dimensional works.
  • All artwork will remain on exhibit for the duration of the show.
  • The Library may choose to sponsor an opening reception, artist's workshop, or presentation during the run of the exhibit.
  • Please Note: The Gallery at Library Square typically exhibits work by two artists simultaneously.

For additional information, contact The City Library at 801-524-8200.