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Are you looking for a book, CD, DVD, or other item that The City Library doesn't own? Using this form, you can suggest we purchase an item to add to our collection. The City Library may purchase suggested resources that meet the criteria established in our Resource Selection Policy and which support the goals of The City Library's Strategic Plan.

The City Library regularly purchases new releases and best sellers in all formats. The library accepts suggestions for items that have already been released and are not found in the library catalog.

Important Note: The City Library accepts up to 5 suggestions per person each month.

Author solicitation: Authors may submit their books for donation only.

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If The City Library purchases your suggested item, it will be placed on hold for you. Please provide the following information to be placed in the hold queue.

Please note: If we do not purchase your suggested item, you will not be contacted. Your suggestion does not guarantee a specific place in the hold queue.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If The City Library is unable to purchase your suggested item for our collection, we may be able to borrow the item from another library in the United States. There are sometimes fees incurred for this service. Click here for more information about InterLibrary Loan.