The Practice of Standing Still: Mixed Media Works by Vanessa Romo

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  • Vanessa Romo

The Practice of Standing Still
Mixed Media Works by Vanessa Romo
Gallery Talk:
Fri, June 15, 5:30pm
Reception/Gallery Stroll: Fri, June 15, 6–9pm
Gallery Stroll: Fri, July 20, 6–9pm

Vanessa Romo takes personal inspiration for her exhibition from the butterfly, a creature in a constant state of transformation. The work is comprised of found/gathered objects, natural flora and fauna, and porcelain clay. The combination of these materials is meant to represent the fascinating phenomena that an object or creature can be simultaneously fragile and strong. "Through artistic process, ritual, and experimentation, I breathe new vigor into this transitional period of time in my life," writes Romo. "As order and chaos participate in their irreverent waltz, the transitions we face become increasingly difficult to navigate. The constant clashing between sides of the Self and environmental issues influences disrupts, and derails one’s true journey."

Location: Finch Lane Gallery, 1320 East 100 South, Salt Lake City 84102

Contact Information: 801-595-5000