Shapes in Space: Mobiles by Matthew Linwood Hill

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Shapes in Space
Mobiles by Matthew Linwood Hill
Sat, Jul 4–5pm

I began making mobiles in the Fall of 2013. I thought It would be interesting to make a mobile from geometric origami figures. I was immediately fascinated with the process of getting the perfect curve of the arms, creating an interesting composition, and getting the balance right. I quickly graduated to sheet metal and began studying the work of Alexander Calder. "Shapes in space", this is the simple idea behind all of my mobiles. I design each mobile as a piece of visual poetry; kinetic and lyrical. The composition evolves organically, piece by piece. I know a mobile is finished when I watch it slowly move. and I feel a satisfaction like I get from a clever turn of phrase or a pretty melody. The shadow cast on the wall is like a whispered echo. It is my pleasure to share these kinetic sculptures, and their whispered echoes, with you.

Location: Chapman Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8623