Under the Sea Series

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Under the Sea Series
Paintings by Eliza Lozoya

I wanted to paint something that would be fun and playful and something that would be appealing to all ages. I decided on an Under-the-Sea theme because the ocean is beautiful and the possibilities are numerous. I wanted my paintings to be educational, imaginative and inspiring. With an Under-the-Sea theme, I could do real sea creatures and magical sea creatures.
I chose some common sea creatures that are beautiful and that would spark an interest in the minds of young children, such as my jellyfish, crab, and Yellow Tang fish. I saw a picture of a Yellow Tang fish, and I liked its shape. I thought it was quirky and unique. I found out later that the Yellow Tang is one of the most common fish used in fish tanks. I did not like the fact that it was common, but I still chose to paint it, because I liked its quirky style. There is beauty found in the simple and common things in our world.
I had specific visions for my octopus, pearl, and sea weed, that were slightly different from how they look in real life. For my octopus, I came across the art work of Thomas Paul, and I liked his famous octopus and his style. Even then, I had my own vision in mind. Real octopuses are orange in color, but I pictured it purple, and I decided to stick to that.
Of course, I had to add a little magic in my art, with my mermaids, Loch Ness Monster, and pirate ship. I have several friends who love mermaids. With my friends being important in my life I wanted to paint mermaids for them. My pirate ship ended up being just an ordinary ship, but I feel the magic is still there. I decided to include the Loch Ness Monster in my series, because of a song by Regina Spektor, “Genius Next Door.” I envisioned the Loch Ness Monster different than the typical image online. With each of my paintings, I had specific visions in mind for how they should look and I feel I was able to achieve that.

Eliza Lozoya was born in Las Vegas, NV in 1987. She is passionate about many aspects of art, history, education, and community. Lozoya is happily married to Florencio Lozoya, since 2011. They currently live and work in Salt Lake City, UT. Lozoya’s career is in finance.

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