"Movement, Balance and Refracted Light," paintings by Lauren Woodward

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Movement, Balance and Refracted Light
Paintings by Lauren Woodward
Mon, Jul 16, 6:30–8pm

When I began this body of work in September of 2017 I had a simple agenda — to complete thirty abstract paintings in thirty days. I determined I would work in groups of three, each group centered on a different palette. I began by exploring the six main hues of the rainbow, then continued with pinks, browns and eventually combinations of shades across the color wheel. As I began working I felt compelled to create a sense of movement in each painting, a striving towards some undefined goal or destination. Other themes that emerged were the need for balance and the pure joy of playing with color. At times I feel the pulse of my own life reflected in these works. Pigments and marks might represent the different people I interact with, various roles I play, responsibilities and repetitive daily tasks, times of joy, laughter, frustration or mourning. Perhaps the ordered chaos created through different paint strokes and tones is an allegory for the kind of balance and harmony I'd like to achieve. Or maybe the paintings are a collection of beautiful colors intuitively placed together because they make me happy. As an artist, I believe my own feelings and motivations are only half of the story that my art has to tell. The other half of this conversation comes from the viewer. One of the things I enjoy about abstract art is that is can transcend words and symbols and allow us to have a different kind of connection. Do these paintings make you feel a certain way? Do they remind you of a certain experience or emotion? What kinds of narratives do you find within them? My hope is that through making and experiencing art together we can better understand each other, individually and collectively. Maybe that understanding can aid in bringing harmony to this world of different marks and shades of reflected light.

“Someday we’ll find it — the rainbow connection — the lovers the dreamers and me”
– Kermit the Frog

Lauren K. Woodward has defined herself as an artist since Kindergarten. She studied at The Peterson Art Center for most of her young life and studied in Italy while working on her art degree. In 2005 she earned a BFA from the University of Utah. Since graduating she has explored what it means to have a career as a working artist and the ways artistic goals can change through different seasons of life. Currently, she spends most of her time caring for her three young daughters and does most of her painting at the kitchen table. Lauren has participated in several art markets and shares her daily efforts to “carve out time for art” on Instagram. She loves to discuss art and the creative process with others and is always happy to hear that her art has inspired someone to make something of their own.

Location: Main Library Canteena, Level 2

Contact Information: 801-524-8200