Go Play Outside: Photographs By Nick Short

Corinne and Jack Sweet
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  • Nick Short

Go Play Outside
Photographs By Nick Short
Sat, July 7, 3–5 pm

I have been lucky to make my living with a camera, first as a photojournalist, then in the communications and advertising realm. As an extension of that, I always have a camera handy during my exploration of Utah and beyond. My wanderings often take me to places where modern man’s presence and impact is less pronounced. I find beauty in those spaces and certainly enjoy the quiet that they afford. Images in this gallery were taken throughout the western states, Canada, Patagonia, and Ireland.

My hope is that you find as much enjoyment in my images as I had in making them. Maybe they will inspire you to get out to a new place or revisit an old favorite. Maybe they bring back a memory of a trip you took to the same place or a similar scene. That is what these photos are for us. Memories of fun times. Reminders to continue getting out. The simple wood frame with a canvas print is a design that we experimented with and liked enough that we used it for our house. It is like looking through a window frame back into an adventure.

If you have questions about the work feel free to email me at wandermentphotography@gmail.com
Enough about me, go enjoy the photographs!

Location: Corinne and Jack Sweet Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8651