Animal Love: Photographs by Jenny Floor

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Animal Love
Photographs by Jenny Floor
Wed, Jan 24, 7-8pm

Jenny Floor is a Utah native and with each passing year is increasingly amazed and appreciative of the natural beauty within Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Photography has been a perfect way to combine her passion of creative endeavors with physical activity out-of-doors. She has found that designing products with her images has been a distinct yet equally delightful component of her work. Although anything of nature captures her interest, Jenny is particularly fond of animals and has found that many people share this joyous sentiment.

Jenny is a native of Salt Lake City and has found great joy exploring her artistic, intellectual, and athletic interests in creative ways. She is a graduate of the University of Utah and has dabbled in several careers, but has most enjoyed working (and volunteering) as a musician. She is also a personal trainer/wellness coach and, along with helping people live happier and healthier lives, she loves and appreciates the variety of ages, interests, and backgrounds of the people she has met through her work. Jenny also appreciates beauty in all forms and has found photography to be a wonderful hobby and for-fun business. It has given her a perfect excuse to be in nature as much as possible.

Location: Main Library, Children's Gallery

Contact Information: 801-524-8200