All Good Music: A Celebration of Salt Lake City’s Musical Traditions

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From the first clarion call of a bugle resonating through the valley in July of 1847 to the grandiose orchestral works of the Utah Symphony, music has always been an integral part of life in Salt Lake City. Musical associations quickly formed in the months after the first wagon trains rolled into the valley, some drawing on organizations founded in Nauvoo, Illinois and others growing from the cultural heritage of emigrants from many nations. Within a few years, Salt Lake City boasted numerous bands and philharmonic societies and within a century, Utah had produced composers and performing artists with international reputations. In recent years, an energetic and diverse local music scene has both built on and broken with the city's musical traditions.

This exhibit celebrates the development of Salt Lake City’s musical legacy, nourished by many cultures and styles. Sheet music, journals, songbooks, biographies, and histories from our Special Collections and selections from our Local Music collection document this indispensable facet of life in Utah.

Location: Main Library, Special Collections

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