Meditations on Ennui: Artwork by Virginia Johnson

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Meditations on Ennui
Artwork by Virginia Johnson
Thu, Nov 30, 7pm

My work explores the relationship between women and societal commentaries on feminism. I often find myself contemplating the perception of a woman in society. There are many conversations happening globally about what a woman is; what she can or cannot be, how she should act in order to succeed, etc. Although this feminist movement is important and powerful I often wonder why a woman can’t be herself without the added pressure of fitting into someone else's idea of what she should be. This collection is a commentary on societal expectations of womanhood. When a person looks at these faces, they can't decipher what the woman is thinking or what her goals in life might be, they can only project their own ideas onto her image.

Location: Anderson-Foothill

Contact Information: 801-594-8611