I Would Rather Wear a Cape: Drawings by Drew Grella

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  • Drew Grella

I Would Rather Wear a Cape
Drawings by Drew Grella

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be an artist. I want to create, play and beautify. I want to share what goes on in my mind. I want to tell interesting stories. I want to make something that you’ve never seen before.

Work so hard and get really good at what you do.
Value what you do, no matter what it is.

Drew draws. He has always been drawn to drawing. In grade school, Drew drew comics about his friends and himself as super heroes. He also liked to draw pictures of Garfield the cat. The drawing of cats, comics and other characters continued through high school. When Drew when to college, he was asked what he wanted to do, and he said draw. It was suggested that he study illustration and Drew really liked doing that. Drew has received many accolades and compliments including, "That looks really cool" and "Hey, good job." Currently, Drew draws regularly.

Location: Main Library, Children's Library

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