LEAP Into Science! Preschool Workshops


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  • LEAP Into Science

Get your children started on a lifetime of curiosity and discovery! This series of workshops gives preschool-aged kids a hands-on introduction to scientific concepts with interactive activities and inquiry-based learning.
Offered in partnership with the Natural History Museum of Utah and KUED.

Dec 15: Sound is All Around
In this workshop we’ll explore sound waves through vibrations, and play with loud and soft volumes of sounds.

Feb 9: Balance it Out
Kids will explore balance with their own bodies, and by balancing stuffed animals and other objects on teeter-totters.

Mar 9: Feel the Breeze
Explore air by experiencing its most tangible form—wind! Kids will feel it, make it, and see its effects on other objects.

Apr 13: Drip Drip Drop
In this workshop, we’ll drip and pour water using a variety of containers and tools as they go with the flow of nature's favorite toy.

Location: Marmalade Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8680