The Color of Places: Landscapes by Cookie Allred

Corinne and Jack Sweet
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The Color of Places
Landscapes by Cookie Allred
Sat, Nov 4, 3pm

When I look at the foothills of Salt Lake and see the colors of Utah, my mind is always analyzing how to replicate the colors of nature. Green isn’t simple—it’s sometimes intensely warm, and other times, greyish, dull, with hues of purple, and extremely cold. The same location changes colors based on the time of day and of course, with the seasons.

The west has amazing vistas to paint—from the spectacular cityscapes that can be seen from the top of the Avenues to the many natural landscapes—Jordan River, Silver Lake, Midway, and Spring City. While painting, I noticed the silvery water reflections on the duck pond in Liberty Park and I’ve captured the detail and form of the barns and sunsets at Wheeler Farm. I take time to study the Sweetwater in Wyoming, and even the wintery meadow in my backyard. I’m new to Salt Lake, so I think I see the west with fresh eyes.

I also love capturing places I’ve lived and traveled. This exhibition shows my most recent works from the last two years, including landscapes from Venice and Lake Como that I created while on a painting trip with artists Jason Bowman and James Kroner. Each place I’ve traveled seems to cast a new color—there is the vibrancy in the blue water of Venice that stands boldly against the ancient buildings, and the majestic vastness of the sky in Wyoming.

Wassily Kandinsky wrote, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” That’s true for me, and I hope my paintings help you see all of the rich hues, shadows, and shades in landscapes today.

Cookie Allred is a wife, mother, grandmother, and artist, who has lived in five countries in over three continents, and traveled to over forty countries. After teaching 2nd grade for 20 years, she retired, moved to London and then Barcelona. In 2014, she and her husband settled in Salt Lake City. She has studied art in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Barcelona. Since moving to Salt Lake, she painted with plein air painters Rob Adamson, John Hughes, and Steve McGinty.

Location: Corinne and Jack Sweet Branch

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