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The City Library is partnering with The Gandhi Alliance to present the Gandhi Film Series. Every third Thursday of the month, come to the Marmalade Branch to watch a film highlighting social justice issues.


Oct 19: Orange Revolution
Orange Revolution chronicles Ukraine's 2004 presidential campaign, from one candidate's poisoning to the intimidation of voters, acid-bombing of ballot boxes, and the political pressure put on election officials to count votes a certain way. The government's contempt for the people's choice brings nearly a million citizens into the streets of Kyiv for a 17-day around-the-clock protest. With music, interviews, and rare footage of the demonstrations, this film captures the spirit and determination of the most successful political protest of the decade, and raises a timely question: Just how far would you go to protect your vote?

Nov 16: The Singing Revolution
Most people don’t think about singing when they think about revolution. But song was the weapon of choice when Estonians sought to free themselves from decades of Soviet occupation. The Singing Revolution is an inspiring account of one nation's dramatic rebirth. It is the story of humankind's irrepressible drive for freedom and self-determination.

Dec 21: A Force More Powerful, Part 1: India, Nashville, South Africa
In the 1930s, Gandhi leads a campaign of civil disobedience to loosen's Britain's hold on power. Nonviolent weapons are taken up by black college students in the '60s who desegregate Nashville and create a model for the Civil Rights movement. In 1985, Mkhuseli Jack leads a nonviolent consumer boycott in S. Africa which awakens whites to black grievances and weakens business support for apartheid.

A Force More Powerful explores one of the 20th century's most important but least understood stories: how nonviolent power has overcome oppression and authoritarian rule all over the world. Narrated by Ben Kingsley, and nominated for an Emmy, A Force More Powerful premiered on PBS in September 2000.

Location: Marmalade Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8680