Shared Artifacts: Post-Consumer Artifacts by Andrea Henkels Heidinger

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Shared Artifacts
Post-Consumer Artifacts by Andrea Henkels Heidinger
Sat, Aug 26, 4pm

As a post-consumer artifactist, I am able to engage my drive to make art while expressing my passion for nature and environmental conservation. My images reflect the experiences I have had and the meanings I make interacting with natural and built environments. Using post-consumer waste, artifacts from consumer life, as my medium, my artwork integrates origin and inspiration. From the earth we generate materials for our everyday life, and here I explore fitting those materials back into landscape to inspire thought about humans in the environment. Landscape is at the core of my imagery and the characteristics of my post-consumer artifacts magnify different aspects of specific environments, from the density of paper pulp and plastics creating rock-like textures, to the filtration of light through plastic packaging, paint, and paper. Working with these materials feels like the truest way to fulfill my need to make artwork without generating excess. This work is a reflection on everyday consumption and my desire to make more concise and truthful decisions about our impacts on the world around us. For me, in a sense, this practice "closes the loop".  I never tire of exploring the potential of consumer artifacts to emphasize different aspects of the world in which we live.

Andrea Henkels Heidinger grew up in Utah. She earned a BFA in New York in 1992 then worked in the National Park and Forest Services. Inspired by her experiences, she returned to school for a MFA in 1994 to artistically communicate the complex connection between people and nature. That complexity is shown in her art’s medium and imagery.

Heidinger is a “post-consumer artifactist artist”, a term she coined for working with her own post-consumer waste as the primary media in her artwork. Her University of Idaho MFA thesis, Manifesto of a Post-consumer Artifactist Artist still guides her art making.

Heidinger has shown nationally and internationally, including at the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea in 2003. Heidinger has received Certificates of Merit as well as a Juror's Award for Global Warning in Mesa, AZ, and a People’s Choice award at the Covey Arts Center Art Showcase in Provo, UT. She is elated to exhibit at the Marmalade Branch in August 2017.

Location: Marmalade Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8680