About the Library Board of Directors

The Salt Lake City Public Library System is governed by a nine-member volunteer Board of Directors, all of whom must be residents of Salt Lake City. The Salt Lake City Mayor recommends potential board members to the City Council for their consideration. An individual is appointed to the Library Board only after being approved by a vote of the City Council. To apply for membership on the Library Board, please visit Salt Lake City's Board and Commissions page for application instructions: slcgov.com/bc/membership.

Board members are appointed for a term of three years. At the end of the first term, the City Council may reappoint the member to a second term. An individual may serve no more than two consecutive three-year terms. At the end of two consecutive terms, the member must go off the library board for at least one year before serving again.

Every effort is made to appoint individuals from all areas of the city who represent the range of cultures and backgrounds that make up Salt Lake City.

Current Board Members