Library Administration Contact Info

Executive Director
John Spears, 801-524-8205

Associate Director for Library Experiences, Main
Deborah Ehrman, 801-524-8204

Associate Director for Library Experiences, Branches
Patty Steed, 801-524-8202

Manager of Communications
Andrew Shaw, 801-524-8234

Manager of Human Resources
Shelly Chapman, 801-524-8225

Manager of Finance
Jace Bunting, CPA, 801-322-8162

History of Directors of The City Library

Leadership of the City Library has taken place under the direction of the following:

1897-1903: Annie E. Chapman
1903-1940: Joanna H. Sprague
1940-1943: Julie T. Lynch
1943-1952: Ethel E. Holmes
1952-1959: Margaret E. Block
1960-1969: Robert E. Thomas
1969-1976: Richard J. Rademacher
1976-1995: J. Dennis Day
1996-2007: Nancy Tessman
2008-2011: Beth Elder
2011-2013: Linda Hamilton
2013-Present: John Spears