Super Summmer Challenge


Strike a Chord this summer by taking part in The City Library's Super Summer Challenge! Starting June 1, stop by any City Library location to sign up and grab a tracker full of activities that challenge you to READ, CREATE, EXPLORE, and MOVE. Track your progress for a chance to win a grand prize, collect prizes along the way, and make it a Super Summer. Learn more about events for each age group as well as how to track your challenge activities using the icons above.


On this page, you'll find reading suggestions and other fun activities to help you complete the BINGO cards in your tracker. When you do an activity, check it off on one of the BINGO cards for a chance to win cool prizes. Complete all three levels for your chance to win a grand prize, and have a super summer! The challenge runs from June 1 through August 11, 2018.


The challenge has three levels, and each level has its own BINGO card. Every time you finish an activity, mark it on a card. When you complete three lines of activities — across, down, or diagonal — that's a BINGO! Tear out the completed BINGO card and turn it in at any City Library location for a prize. If you complete all three BINGO cards, your name will be entered into a drawing for one of four Grand Prize baskets. Be sure to submit all BINGO cards and your Grand Prize Entry Form by August 11!


Want to super-size your challenge? After you complete three BINGO cards, talk to a Librarian about how to LEVEL UP for your chance to win even more prizes.


Have fun and write a letter to another City Library location. Ask for Pen Pal letter stationery from any librarian, then drop it off at specially marked mailboxes located in each City Library.




To fill in a "READ" BINGO square, read something that fits one of the categories below and write it down in your tracker, then check off a square. Here are some suggested books, or find your own that fit within the category.

A book with a one word title
A short story collection
A book about food
A book about animals
A book with royalty in it
A book about a musician
A book about history
A book about a culture
A graphic novel
A book about travel or time travel
A biography
A book by a celebrity
An audiobook



To fill in a "CREATE" BINGO square, complete one of the activities below and check the box in your tracker!

Set a timer for five minutes and write whatever you want.
Write a story and share it. Fanfiction totally counts!
Find a craft on Pinterest and make it.
Cook a meal.
Take a photo of something that makes you smile and tag us in it using @slcpl.
Make your own music video for your favorite song. Don't forget that The City Library's Creative Labs have filmmaking tools you can use!
Put together a picnic and eat it somewhere special.
Use photo editing software and place yourself in a location you've never been before.
Write a poem and put it to music.
Alter a piece of clothing you don't wear anymore.
Make a sandcastle.
Make a project in one of the City Library's Creative Labs.
Write someone a thank you note.
Make a "sound map" by sitting outside with your eyes closed and drawing what you hear.
Design a postcard of your ideal summer vacation destination.
Make a "no bake" treat at a Library program or try making something at home!
Make a found-object sculpture or collage.
Create a zine.
Do a craft at the Library. Check out Teen DIY programs at many locations for ideas!
Create a dream board.



To fill in a "EXPLORE" BINGO square, complete one of the activities below and check the box in your tracker. If you get stumped, be sure to ask a Librarian for help. After all, exploring new things are what summers are for!

Watch a movie about music.
Participate in the Pen Pal Project. See above or ask a Librarian for more details.
Eat at a local restaurant you've never been to before.
Listen to one of your parents' favorite songs.
Attend an Escape Room program at a Library location.
Attend a free outdoor concert.
Go to the Tracy Aviary and mimic the bird songs you hear.
Try the sound-making equipment at the Rotary Playground at Liberty Park.
Go to a cultural event for a culture that's different from your own
Explain Like I'm 5: Learn enough about a topic to be able to explain it to a 5 year old.
Complete a City Library scavenger hunt — pick one up at your neighborhood branch.
Check out a book on science experiments and try one.
Check out the Local Music Mixtape Fanny Pack or Ukulele Discovery Kit.
Visit a City Library branch you don't normally use.
Learn the names of three plants, animals, or flowers in your neighborhood.
Watch a foreign film.
Make a mixtape (aka a playlist) and give it to a friend.
Learn a new creative skill on
Go on Mango Languages and learn a few phrases from a different language.
Explore the Digital Library and try a new digital resource.



To fill in a "MOVE" BINGO square, complete one of the activities below and check the box in your tracker!

Have a solo dance party.
Go on a hike with friends or family.
Ride your bike to a free lunch spot.
Walk around your neighborhood and count the cats you see.
Do 20 minutes of yoga.
Build an obstacle course and challenge your friends to a race.
Walk somewhere instead of driving.
Do 10 push-ups a day for one week.
Complete the Sloth Mountain Challenge in your tracker and check off three BINGO squares.
Choreograph a dance to your favorite song.
Try a new physical activity.
Check out a fitness DVD from the Library for inspiration.
Go to a local park and play on the playground like you're a kid again!
Take the stairs instead of the elevator for a week.
Participate in an outdoor Games event at one of our City Library branches.
Play tag with your friends.
Make a secret handshake with your friends.
Bike the Branches with your family.
Go on a nature walk at the EcoGarden & Orchard near the Day-Riverside Branch, or Hidden Hollow near the Sprague Branch.
Come to a hip-hop class with The Bboy Federation at one of our City Library branches.
Have a water balloon fight with your friends.