Super Summmer Challenge


Strike a Chord this summer by taking part in The City Library's Super Summer Challenge! Starting June 1, stop by any City Library location to sign up and grab a tracker full of activities that challenge you to READ, CREATE, EXPLORE, and MOVE. There's something for all ages so everyone can get in on the fun! Track your progress for a chance to win prizes and make it a Super Summer. Enjoy free events at the Library all summer long. Learn more about events for each age group as well as how to track your challenge activities using the icons above.


On this page, you'll find suggestions for fun activities at the Library and all over the city, featuring music, reading, science, art, and more. When you do an activity, check it off on one of the BINGO cards in your tracker for a chance to win cool prizes. Make your summer super! The challenge runs from June 1 through August 11, 2018.


The challenge has three levels, and each level has its own BINGO card. Every time you finish an activity, mark it on a card. When you complete three lines of activities — across, down, or diagonal — that's a BINGO! Tear out the completed BINGO card and turn it in at any City Library location for a prize. If you complete all three BINGO cards, your name will be entered into a drawing for one of five Grand Prize baskets. Be sure to submit all BINGO cards and your Grand Prize Entry Form by August 11!


Want to super-size your challenge? After you complete three BINGO cards, talk to a Librarian about how to LEVEL UP for your chance to win even more prizes.


Get another entry into the Grand Prize drawing by writing a letter to another City Library location. Ask for a letter form from any Librarian, then drop it off at specially-marked mailboxes located in each City Library location. Collect a stamp for each location you write a letter to.




To fill in a "CREATE" BINGO square, complete one of the activities below and check the box in your tracker!

Make something out of recycled materials.
Build something out of Legos.
Make a project in the Main Library's Tinker Lab or one of The City Library's Creative Labs.
Put on a play or puppet show.
Write to an author or illustrator.
Try a new recipe. Make your own popcorn, flavor some yogurt, or try out some other treat! Check out our list of cookbooks for kids.
Put together a picnic and eat it somewhere special.
Make a new game with your own special rules.
Make an alphabet book with a picture for every letter.
Make new words to the tune of a song you like.
Find an empty box and see what you can make from it: a castle, a sled, a treasure chest, or anything else you can imagine.
Ask an adult's permission to use cushions, pillows, and blankets to make a fort, then read a book in your new spot.
Make a "sound map" by sitting outside with your eyes closed and drawing what you hear.
Use playdough to create characters from a story you like.
Make a DIY gift for a friend.
Use an old water bottle to make a sensory bottle. Fill it with water or rice, then get creative with fun add-ins like glitter, buttons, sequins, beads, or other tiny things you find around the house.
Write or draw yourself into your favorite story.
Make a book trailer for your favorite book. You can use the video making tools in the Main Library's Tinker Lab or one of The City Library's Creative Labs.
Draw a picture of your perfect day.



To fill in a "EXPLORE" BINGO square, complete one of the activities below and check the box in your tracker. If you get stumped, be sure to ask a Librarian for help. After all, exploring new things are what summers are for!

Visit a City Library branch you've never been to before.
Learn five new words in a language you don't know.
Ask a Librarian about a Discovery Kit, then check one out!
Take public transportation with your family instead of driving.
Learn the name of a Children's Librarian.
Complete a City Library scavenger hunt — ask for one from your local Children's Librarian.
Go to the Tracy Aviary and mimic the bird songs you hear.
Watch a movie about music
Find a Library database that you can use to help with your homework.
Make a map of your neighborhood or house.
Listen to music from another country
music from another country.
Explore your neighborhood and learn the names of three plants or birds that you see.
The Library has materials in many different languages. Count how many languages are represented in the Children's section at your local branch.
Play a musical instrument for your favorite animal.
Take a book outside and match the colors on the cover to something in nature.
Try out the sound-making equipment at the Rotary Playground in Liberty Park.
Check out a book on science experiments and try a few.
Attend a free outdoor concert.
Go on a bug hunt outside and see how many different bugs you can find.



To fill in a "MOVE" BINGO square, complete one of the activities below and check the box in your tracker!

Play a game of tag.
Attend a Dance Party at the Library.
Try a relay race with your friends.
Sing and dance along to a song from your favorite musical or YouTube artist.
Attend a yoga class at one of the City Library branches, or try some moves from a video.
Make up a crazy new sport and play it with your friends.
Play Wii Fit, or another interactive video game.
Build an obstacle course and challenge your friends to a race.
Challenge someone to a "still" game. See how long can you go without moving a muscle.
Make a secret handshake for each of your friends. Librarian friends, too!
Act out a story or a scene from a story that you've read.
Bike the Branches with your family.
Have animal races with your friends! Hop like a bunny or frog, squat and waddle like a duck, or make up your own moves.
Play a game of charades with your friends.
Climb all the stairs in the Main Library.
Go on a nature walk through the EcoGarden & Orchard near the Day-Riverside Branch, or through Hidden Hollow near the Sprague Branch.
Go on a hike with friends or family.
Attend a Zumba for Kids classes at one of the City Library locations.
Do 100 jumping jacks.