Super Summmer Challenge


Strike a Chord this summer by taking part in The City Library's Super Summer Challenge! Starting June 1, stop by any City Library location to sign up and grab a tracker full of activities that challenge you to READ, TALK, SING, WRITE, and PLAY. There's something for all ages so everyone can get in on the fun! Track your progress for a chance to win prizes and make it a Super Summer. Enjoy free events at the Library all summer long. Learn more about events for each age group as well as how to track your challenge activities using the icons above.


On this page, you'll find suggestions for all kinds of events and fun activities to make your little one's summer super. When you do an activity together, check it off on one of the BINGO cards in your tracker. The challenge runs from June 1 through August 11, 2018.


The challenge has three levels, and each level has its own BINGO card. Every time you finish an activity with your little one, mark it on a card. When you complete three lines of activities — across, down, or diagonal — that's a BINGO! Tear out the completed BINGO card and turn it in at any City Library location for a prize. If you complete all three BINGO cards, your name will be entered into a drawing for one of five Grand Prize baskets. Be sure to submit all BINGO cards and your Grand Prize Entry Form by August 11!




To fill in a "READ" BINGO square, complete one of the reading activities below and check the box.

Sign up for the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program. Talk to a Children's Librarian for more information.
Attend a Book Baby or Storytime event at the Library.
Look at a book on the train or in another on-the-go place.
Make a reading fort under a table with pillows and books.
Retell a story in a new way. Sing it, draw it, or use simple puppets.
Take public transportation or walk to the Library.
Check out Baby Book Bag from the Library.
Read a board book.
Read a book in the waiting room at the doctor's office or at any other appointment.
Read a touch and feel book.
Read a book that has animals in it.
Start to read a book while holding it upside down. Quickly "discover" your mistake and correct it.
Read at the park.



To fill in a "TALK" BINGO square, do something with your little one that fits one of the categories below and check the box in your tracker!

Learn sign language with your child.
Go on a shopping trip with your baby, and tell them about everything you put in the cart.
Look at a book and talk about what you see in the pictures, instead of reading the words.
Let your toddler choose where to go for an outing.
Ask questions about things that you see as you travel. Give your child lots of time to respond.
Record yourself reading a story. Listen with your child. Record them, too!
Take your baby on a texture walk. Touch different items and describe what they feel like.
Do a finger play or rhyme together.
Check out a Mother Goose book from the Library.
Make up a story using your child's name for a character and tell the story to your child.
Talk through a cardboard tube and let your child hear how your voice changes. Try using silly voices!
Hide a toy behind your back and let your child guess what it is by giving clues.
Look at family photos and point out names of different people.
Tell your toddler what you'll do that day and narrate as you go.



To fill in a "SING" BINGO square, complete one of the activities below and check the box in your tracker!

Check out a children's music CD from the Library.
Sing a song with your baby that someone sang to you as a child.
Dance along to your favorite music.
Sing a nursery rhyme in different ways: slow, fast, or with a silly voice.
Make a simple shaker by filling a paper bag with rice and play along with songs.
Download or stream a kids' song from Freegal.
Ask a Librarian for a children's song recommendation.
Make up new words to a familiar tune and sing it with your child.
Help your child tap out the beat to a song.
Sing a song during a diaper change.
Sing a lullaby.
Give your baby a maraca or shaker and let them shake it along with music.
Show baby how to clap to a song.
Sing a song with actions, like "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."



Yes, writing is fun for tiny ones, too! To fill in a "WRITE" BINGO square, try one of the options below, then check the box in your tracker!

Give your child different-sized things to grab and hold.
Do a fingerplay with your baby.
Pour a dry ingredient like flour in a pan. Let your little one pinch and play.
Color a picture with your little one.
Make a shopping list, and tell your baby what's on it or let your toddler "write" their own.
Play with different-shaped blocks to teach how shapes work.
On a warm day, "paint" on the sidewalk using water.
Have your child draw on different textured paper, like tissue paper, cardboard, or even sandpaper.
Make letters out of playdough.
Trace letters or shapes in sand.
Draw pictures together and let your child tell a story about their picture.
Do a sorting game.
Put a cold, wet ice cube on a high chair tray. Let your baby try to pick it up.
Play with a wooden puzzle.



Fill in a "PLAY" BINGO square by having fun with one of the options below, then check the box in your tracker. You'll feel good knowing that playing with your child is also a great move for their development!

Attend Playtime at a Library location.
Use your face as a toy. Show your baby all the things your face can do.
Make a home playground for your toddler by arranging objects with different textures on the floor, like a blanket, cardboard, or newspaper.
Splash in the water with your baby.
Play dress up as a favorite book character.
Make your own toys out of empty boxes and found objects.
Put on a puppet show, and make your puppets with things found around the house: spoons, socks, stuffed animals.
Play peek-a-boo!
Sing "Pat-a-Cake," "Ring Around the Rosie," or your favorite nursery song with actions.
Turn a towel or blanket into a train! Your toddler can sit on it while you gently pull them around the room.
Have your toddler chase the light from a flashlight. Take turns chasing and aiming the light.
Blow bubbles for your baby.
Make a mountain of cushions for your child to climb over, while you wait on the other side.
Build a tower out of blocks or boxes and let your baby knock it down.