The Soap Box

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City Library Director introduces you to the new City Library website, invites you to participate, and asks you the question "Does this website look like the future of libraries to you?"


  • Dan: Julianne, very glad to hear, just want to add emphasis to previous comments. Basic Library Functions like finding a book and following up on checked out materials were the least intuitive things for me to do on the new site. I’m changing my bookmark to

    1839 days ago
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  • Julianne: @Suzanne, @Rachel - Thanks for your feedback. We are looking at a number of solutions to improve the navigating the account functionality and catalog, and will take your comments into consideration. If you have anything further, please send them to Andrew

    1849 days ago
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  • Suzanne: This site is sure not intuitive. had a devil of a time getting set up and then finding the catalogue and my account. Lets make it easy to get to the catalog and my list of books. Have you ever tried to find the logout button? It should be on every page

    1850 days ago
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  • Rachel: Seriously, do we have to login using our email and password and THEN our library name and account number every time?! Am I doing something wrong? I have 5 family member cards, but 3 are my kids and I help them! AHHHH. Looks good. BAD navigation!

    1850 days ago
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  • Andrew: @Jeff again: oops -- just saw that my comment cut off. -- Andrew, The City Library

    1852 days ago
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  • Andrew: @Jeff: I'd love to talk to you to try to troubleshoot this issue. Everything seems to appear correctly when I view the "Get Started" links, but maybe there's an error happening on certain browsers or conditions. If you see this, please email me at ashaw@s

    1852 days ago
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  • Jeff: It seems that a lot of the links are being masked somehow... there are links right above the Black Dog and they do work, but the labels for the links are missing...

    1852 days ago
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  • Jennifer: bottom left of page - look for renew books

    1853 days ago
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  • Mia: I can't find where and when my books are due!

    1853 days ago
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