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Welcome to the inaugural City Library's Soap Box discussion! Our first speaker is Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, who talks about the steps city government is taking to increase urban sustainability. After watching the video, share your opinions at The City Library's Soap Box. What sustainability initiatives do you want to see from local government? How can you fit into the equation?


  • Darrah: @Clotilde--thanks for voicing your concern about whats happening for students at the U. I think the more people get involved and speak up about what they want, the more the Mayor will feel support for initiatives

    1479 days ago
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  • A.: Here is the rest: You said, “tie in our universities to downtown" (Becker, 2011)... I’m confused.

    1481 days ago
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  • A.: Mobility: If UTA mandated and enforced payment Darrah, your expense could be reduced....Too, as a student at the U I have been notified that UTA is attempting to cut lines to the U as they did with the bus line as we write. The mayor said, “tie in our u

    1481 days ago
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  • Darrah: This is very cool Patrick! The Livable Streets Initiative and Open Planning project would be great as Local Solutions co-sponsored strategies with the City for our whole Community!

    1484 days ago
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  • Patrick: Check out Street Films for great, informative, entertaining videos about sustainability, density, transit oriented development, biking, complete streets and more. Love it.

    1485 days ago
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  • Darrah: I live 12 miles from where I work downtown. In the summertime, biking or using the bus or Trax is totally feasible, enjoyable + a great option, but it is UTA is the winter, carpooling seems to be the best way!

    1492 days ago
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  • Andrew: I ride my bike or walk to work -- sometimes it gets chilly, but I feel good!

    1493 days ago
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