Archived Challenges

Duct Tape Masterpiece

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Duct tape ain't just for ducts anymore! Show off your creativity by making an amazing duct tape masterpiece and sharing a picture or video of it here on the SL Scene. Make a wallet, shirt, hang-glider -- whatever your mind can come up with. (The City Library discourages you to make a hang-glider...)

First Snow

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The first snow has fallen and nearly melted away! Submit a picture or video of something fun you did in the first snow of the season.

Summertime Photos

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There's no better time to take photos that outside during a Salt Lake summer. Share your favorite photograph from this summer.

Superhero or Supervillain: Pick your side and your power

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This year's Teen Summer Reading Program is all about superheroes and villains. Get your creative juices flowing with this SL Scene challenge! Which side are you on -- the light or the dark? What would your super power be? Create or find a YouTube video or Flickr image to illustrate your choice and add it to the SL Scene!

Top Song of 2011

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What's the best song you've heard in 2011 so far? Submit a YouTube video of the song to the SL Scene. Haven't heard anything great this year? Record your own song and upload it now!

Million Dollar Giveaway

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You've just won the million-dollar lottery, but with a catch -- you have to give all the money away to a worthy cause (or many worthy causes). How would you give away your million dollars? Who would it benefit? Why? Make a video of your answer, or take a picture of the place where you give it, and share it here on the SL Scene.

Kicks: Celebrate Your Sneakers

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Kicks: shoes, sneakers, boots, pumps, sandals. Show off your favorite kicks by taking a photo, drawing a picture, or making a video. How do you wear them? Where do they get you? What do you do with them? Which ones do you wish you had? Celebrate kicks!