2015 Super Summer Challenge

The City Library's Super Summer Challenge takes place May 30 through August 22. Participants can sign up for the Super Summer Challenge anytime at their favorite Library location. See below for more information about the Super Summer Challenge for Kids, Toddlers, Teens, and Adults.

Make your summer super with magic, science, animals, and art by joining The City Library’s Super Summer Challenge. Visit your favorite Library location beginning May 30 to sign up, receive a free book, and pick up a monthly calendar of events.

Each section of the Super Summer Challenge includes 12 steps and a Community Hero goal.

For each section, choose the number of minutes you will read for each step. A minimum of 20 minutes for each step is recommended, but you can choose a goal that works for you. Some super readers may want to choose an hour for each step! Color in a tracking symbol for each step you’ve completed.

For your Community Hero goal, choose an activity that will make your community a better place and write it down. These activities can include the following, or a goal you come up with on your own:

Be kind to an animal.
Do something for your neighbor.
Help clean up a public place (library).
Share something with somebody you love.
Donate something to the thrift store.
Spend time with a brother or sister.
Eat dinner at the kitchen table.
Turn off the TV and go for a walk.
Call a friend you haven't seen in a long time.
Send a letter to a friend in the mail.
Spend time getting to know your local librarian.
Read to your grandparent.

When you’ve completed one section of steps, bring your tracker to your favorite Library location to receive a prize. If you complete the entire tracker, you can turn it into any Library location to be entered to win a prize basket at the end of the Super Summer Challenge. Completed trackers must be turned in by August 22.

Earn an additional entry into the prize basket drawing by attending five programs at The City Library this summer. Find a Library staff member at each event to get a stamp in each tracking symbol below.

During the summer, be sure to attend the Library’s toddler-friendly events. Attendance at three events earns your little one an extra entry into our Super Summer Challenge prize basket drawing.

Each day you do an early literacy activity with your child, fill in a symbol in your Super Summer Challenge tracker. Activities include reading a book, singing a song, reciting a nursery rhyme, or coloring a picture. When 14 symbols are colored in, bring your tracker to any City Library location for a toddler-friendly prize.

When you’ve finished both sections of the tracker, your baby or toddler will earn an entry in our prize basket drawing at the end of the Super Summer Challenge. Completed trackers must be turned in by August 22 at any City Library location.

This summer, activate your true powers with The City Library’s Super Summer Challenge for Teens! Visit your favorite Library location beginning on May 30 to pick up your tracker and a free book to get started. Super Summer Challenge events for teens include Minecraft, DIY, Magic: the Gathering®, trivia challenges, and more.

Within the tracker, choose and complete five goals in each given section. When you’ve completed each section, show your tracker to a librarian at any Library location to receive a prize.

When you’ve finished all three sections of your tracker, turn it in to any City Library location to be entered in a grand prize drawing at the end of the Super Summer Challenge. Completed trackers must be turned in by August 22.

Teen Summer Reading lists
Check out our Teen Librarians' lists of suggested reading, viewing, and listening to assist you in completing the challenges in each section of your tracker!

Watch a documentary

Read a book that's older than you

Read a book with a protagonist from a culture or race other than your own

Read a biography

Read a Science Fiction Book

Read a book translated from another language

Read a Graphic novel or comic book

Read a book or watch a documentary about earth, nature, or an environmental issue

Read a book about bullying

Watch a TED Talk (Pick one from this playlist)

Read a Mystery book

Read a book about peace

Make your summer super by taking part in the Super Summer Challenge, taking place May 30 through August 22. During June, July, and August, you can earn up to three entries into a grand prize drawing by completing each month’s challenge. To be eligible to win the grand prize, you must be a current City Library cardholder.

To complete your monthly challenge, read any book of your choice, attend one City Library event, and spend some time as a community hero by completing one activity that makes your community a better place.

Turn in your completed tracker to any Library location by the following deadlines to receive a grand prize entry:

JUNE TRACKER DEADLINE: July 12 (also receive a free book upon completion!)