Seeds and Reads: The City Library's Summer Reading Program for Adults

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” — Cicero

The City Library is pleased to announce Seeds and Reads, the Summer Reading Program for Adults! Adults are encouraged to take the opportunity one day per month to "read down" their fines. For every ten minutes of active reading done at a library location, you can decrease your fines by $1.00. Speak to a librarian to get started!

1. Overdue fines will be reduced by $1.00 for every 10 minutes of active reading ($6 per hour).

2. Read-down is limited to one day per month. No catch-up credits will be issued for missed months. Once you have signed in for a day, all reading must be completed on that day; no further read-down will be allowed for that month.

3. Read-down can only be used to reduce overdue fines. Read-down cannot be used to reduce charges for lost or damaged items, etc.

4. Read-down must be performed in the same general area as the sign-up desk used by the patron. The patron must “sign in” by presenting his/her library card at the beginning of the reading session, and “sign out” by doing the same at the end

5. Patrons may read any library material of their choice, but active reading is essential. The monitoring librarian may limit or deny read-down credit to patrons who continue to misuse the program after being alerted that they do not appear to be satisfying the “active reading” requirement.