Welcome to the new City Library website: Full tour inside!

Welcome to the new City Library website: SLCPL.org. The site has been designed to facilitate conversations between members of the community, enhance access to engaging content relevant to topics most important to those in Salt Lake City, and inspire through easy access to information and resources. As a fully-redesigned site, the new SLCPL.org utilizes the latest web-based technologies to engage users at all levels and all age groups and integrate all that is happening at the library and in the community. By embracing interactive elements, users will experience The City Library and Salt Lake City in new ways that lead to discovery, serendipity, engaging information, and unexpected content.

This article will provide a full introduction to the many elements available at SLCPL.org. The "Universal Elements" section provides a foundation for the architecture of the site, followed by highlights of each page. The City Library is always interested in hear about your experience, what you love, what you want to see more of, and any suggestions for improving the experience of using SLCPL.org. Please feel free to send your comments through our Online Contact Us Form at any time.


The City Library's website provides a banner area at the top of every main page, including the Home Page. These banners will show you the latest information about upcoming events, hot topics, new resources, and great features of The City Library's site. Clicking through the images and following the links is a great way to begin exploring the site.

Sitewide Search
The ultimate discovery tool. A search box appears on the top-right corner of every page in the site, always within reach when the need strikes. This search area is actually two searches in one: "Search Website" and "Search Catalog." Use "Search Website" to scour all resources available at SLCPL.org – events, databases, user comments, special features, news, and more. Use "Search Catalog" to find books, movies, music, and other items in the library's collection.

Community Participation
SCLPL.org is filled with opportunities for everyone to participate in community-wide conversations. You'll find "Like" buttons on events and comments throughout the site – if you like what you see, click the "Like" button to show your support! If you find comments that are off-topic or offensive, please "Flag" the comment, and The City Library's staff will evaluate the comment and remove it if it violates our policies. Like the "Like" button, you don't need to be logged in to "flag" a comment.

Events Widgets
The Events Widget appears throughout the site (Home, Community, Kids, and Teens pages) to give a quick glimpse of great events at The City Library and throughout Salt Lake City. Community members are invited to submit their event for consideration to be included on the library's Events calendar, making it a central stop for citywide event information. For a more expanded view of the calendar or individual events, navigate to our full Events page.

CoverFlow widgets on the Teen, Kids, and Collections pages give users an entirely new opportunity to interact with The City Library's collection. With City Library staff-curated lists of books, movies, music, graphic novels, audiobooks and zines, everyone can encounter something new and find recommendations for items in our catalog.

Our footer has links focused on information about The City Library and how to use our services. The footer shows up on every page throughout the site to give you easy access to contact us, find our locations, answer Frequently Asked Questions, and more.

Get Started

The Get Started section provides frequently-used links to help users get to common functions quickly, along with a log-in box to help you to get involved with the site quickly and easily.

The City Library's Community page is THE place for all things Salt Lake City.

News Feed
The News feed in the middle of the page grabs the latest stories from several media outlets around Salt Lake City, giving the reader a quick glimpse at the topics making news right now and the opportunity to dive in further.

Get Involved
The Get Involved section provides a dynamic view of volunteer opportunities throughout Salt Lake City and information on how to support The City Library.

The Events Calendar

Events at The City Library are always popular, from dance classes to author visits, storytimes to art exhibits, and the Events page is the place to find out about all of them. When you find an event you are excited about, click the "Like" button to let everyone know. For events you want to know more about, simply click on it for a detailed view which will provide full information, associated pictures, and opportunities to leave your comments or share the event with your friends through Twitter, Facebook, email, and other communication tools.

Art Exhibits Space
The Art Exhibits space provides a special highlight on art exhibits at The City Library's six locations.

Meeting Rooms
One of the great services The City Library provides is access to public meeting rooms. Members of the community can book these rooms for meetings, concerts, debates, celebrations, and more. The Meeting Rooms link on the Community page (and "Request a Room" link in the footer) will help you learn all about the rooms we have available and how to reserve one for your event.


The Teens page also features a teen-focused CoverFlow and Events widget. Additional real estate at the bottom of the page allows The City Library to highlight special programs, services, and other offerings for teens in Salt Lake City.

The Kids page is designed especially for our youngest community members and their parents and caregivers. With quick access to the Kids' CoverFlow, MyEasel, and a kid-focused events widget, kids, parents, and teachers can find the best of what The City Library has to offer right away.

Kids Vids
Regularly updated with new videos produced and hand-selected by City Library staff, Kids Vids will entertain, inspire, and educate kids and their families.

MyEasel is a web application designed to spark the creativity of Salt Lake City. MyEasel is an intuitive and simple collage program intended for children. Every few days, The City Library will update MyEasel with a new prompt, asking kids to create new pictures of their favorite food, animals, people, and more. Kids can save their creations on their computer and email them to friends and family. The latest MyEasel creations are featured in a gallery at the top of the application to help inspire other great works.

Creative teens and adults are invited to create new picture elements and submit them to The City Library through the LibLab. The City Library will review submitted picture elements and add the very best to the MyEasel image libraries, giving kids even more shapes to play with.

The Adults page is the first stop for adults of all ages to encounter the books, movies, music, and resource databases offered by The City Library. Have fun flipping through the CoverFlow application or read all about our latest reading program, highlighted databases, and more.

The City Library's Shop page highlights The Library Store, Friends Used Book Sales, the benefits of becoming a Friends' member, and the Shops and Services at Library Square. Drop by to check out the top picks at The Library Store, then cruise into the Main Library to grab your own!

By clicking on "About the Library" in the footer, you can learn all about The City Library, our locations and history, our mission and Strategic Plan, and much more.

We hope this tour has helped make you familiar with all the areas of the new SLCPL.org, but we also know the best way to discover everything is to log on and start exploring today! We'd love to hear your feedback along the way – use our Contact Us form to send suggestions and praise or you can call The City Library at 801-524-8200.