“2012 Informational Beehive Award Nominees” in kids-books

“2012 Informational Beehive Award Nominees”

Bones: Skeletons and How They Work

by: Steve Jenkins

A guide to human and animal skeletons provides informative comparisons while sharing such facts as the number of bones in the human body and the ways that skeletal structures work.

Case Closed? Nine Mysteries Unlocked by Modern Science

by: Susan Hughes

Examines how developments in modern science, such as DNA analysis and spectroscopy, have helped to reopen archaeological mysteries about ancient cities, Egypt's first female pharaoh, a missing expedition to find the Northwest Passage, and more, with illustrations, maps, and photographs.

Neo Leo: The Ageless Ideas of Leonardo da Vinci

by: Gene Barretta

This lively introduction to the visionary ideas of Leonardo da Vinci uses one side of each spread to portray a modern invention, while re-creations of Leonardo's original sketches occupy the other, accompanied by a quick scene of the great thinker coming up with his fantastic designs.


by: Nic Bishop

"With breathtaking full-page images, including a double-gatefold spread, Sibert-Honor photographer Nic Bishop introduces the beauty and diversity of lizards.The simple, engaging text presents both basic information and fun, quirky facts about the appearance, habits, and life cycle of these amazing reptiles."--Amazon.com.

The War to End All Wars: World War I

by: Russell Freedman

Freedman offers a photo-essay that examines World War I, the first global war in which modern weapons inflicted mass slaughter and an estimated 20 million people were killed. Interwoven into the big picture of the war's causes and consequences are unforgettable vignettes of German and Allied soldiers, drawn from reports, letters, and diaries.