“Counting Books” in kids-books

“Counting Books”

Counting Crocodiles

by: Judy Sierra

By using her ability to count, a clever monkey outwits ten hungry crocodiles that stand between her and a banana tree on another island across the sea.

Ten Little Caterpillars

by: Bill Martin Jr.

Illustrations and rhyming text follow ten caterpillars as one wriggles up a flower stem, another sails across a garden pool, and one reaches an apple leaf, where something amazing happens.

1, 2 , 3 to the Zoo

by: Eric Carle

Each car on the train has one more zoo animal than the one before, from the first car with an elephant to the last with ten birds.

Ten in the Bed

by: Jane Cabrera

In this version of the traditional song, each of the sleepers who fall, leap, bounce, or wobble out of bed when the little one says "Move over" represents a different profession.

Wombat Walkabout

by: Carol Diggory Shields

Rhyming text follows six little wombats on walkabout and a hungry dingo following, envisioning them as his lunch until the wombats turn the tables on him.

Ten Naughty Little Monkeys

by: Suzanne Williams

The littlest monkey gets its revenge in this version of the counting rhyme featuring monkeys engaged in a variety of playful activities.