“Alphabet Books” in kids-books

“Alphabet Books”

An Annoying ABC

by: Barbara Bottner

When Adelaide annoys Bailey, their entire preschool class gets upset, one child after another, until Zelda zaps Adelaide and a round of apologies begins.

Alligator, Bear, Crab: A Baby's ABC

by: Lesley Wynne Pechter

Illustrations of animals from an alligator to a zebra, including such creatures as a loon, an urchin, and a vole, introduce the letters of the alphabet.

Apple Pie ABC

by: Alison Murray

A story about a girl baking an apple pie and a puppy observing the activities teaches the letters of the alphabet.

Ben Franklin: His Wit and Wisdom from A to Z

by: Alan Schroeder

This nontraditional tribute to Benjamin Franklin--all in almanac format--is brimming with humorous cartoons, instructive adages, and a wealth of information about a Founding Father who was as amusing as he was amazing. Benjamin Franklin devised armonicas and bifocals, helped bring us the Constitution and signed the Declaration of Independence, and even experimented with electricity and invented the Franklin stove. He amassed enough noteworthy accomplishments to cover the entire alphabet from A t


by: Tom Lichtenheld

The letter E has fallen and injured herself-- which letters will replace her and how will words be spelled without her?