“Top Ten City Library Materials for Unschooling Parents” in kids-books

“Top Ten City Library Materials for Unschooling Parents”

The Teenagers' Guide to School Outside the Box

by: Rebecca Greene

Gr. 8-12. This useful and enticing guide to "alternative learning" is sure to provoke ideas and open an exciting world of possibilities for almost any teen. Greene did many of the things she writes about: volunteering, internships, summer programs, and study and work abroad. She discusses these and other possibilities (mentoring, job shadowing, apprenticeships) in a light but thorough fashion, opening each section with questions that engage the reader. FYI sidebars offer interesting related tidb

Last Child in the Woods-Revised: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

by: Richard Louv

Louv had an unnerving epiphany. He realized that, as a baby boomer, he was among the last generation of Americans to share an intimate, familial attachment to the land and water. He was among the last Americans who were inclined and allowed to play freely outdoors, that is, to romp, explore, and dream in nature. This is a radical change, and Louv set out to determine the consequences. The result is an eye-opening book of discovery that charts why and how we have become alienated from the rest of

Big Ideas for Little Kids: Teaching Philosophy through Children's Literature

by: Thomas E. Wartenberg

Contains examples of children's books to be used as philosophical examples, with discussion questions. Wartenberg gives advice on how to construct a "learner-centered" classroom, in which children discuss philosophical issues with one another as they respond to open-ended questions by saying whether they agree or disagree with what others have said. Written in a clear and accessible style, the book explains why it is important to allow young children access to philosophy during primary-school e