Parallel Lives, Misremembered Pasts, Revelation, Heartbreak & Lore

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Parallel Lives, Misremembered Pasts, Revelation, Heartbreak & Lore
Mixed Media by Ryan Perkins
Sat, Oct 13, 4–5:30pm

Supposedly, my great-great-great-Grandpa Young was Brigham’s brother, although I’m not so sure. But what’s the difference anyway? You and me, everybody here, we’re in Salt Lake because a poor farm-boy’s story inspired a few thousand folks to go trekking across the arduous plains and through the mountains to this little valley where their stories would eventually commingle with ours, and the Numic peoples’, and the Fremonts’ before them. And how about the cowboys and trappers and antelope and mastodons and trilobites too? This place isn’t unique for being made brick-by-brick of tall-tales, minor fibs, distortions and lore—it’s the curious color and texture of our stories which make it The Place.

Ryan Perkins is a native son of Sugarhouse, and wantonly believes that the myths and spirits of this place make it A) a little bit strange, and B) awful tough to beat. He makes art and furniture, as well as illustration, animation and design for the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah.

Location: Main Library

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