Glow: Oil Paintings by Zachary Bowman

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Oil Paintings by Zachary Bowman
Mon, Oct 1, 6:30–8pm

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by light. Light is something that has baffled minds for thousands of years and, though research has brought a greater understanding of light, its dual nature expressing attributes of both waves and particles continues to present many questions. Light is a source of energy that not only helps encourage life, but also makes it possible for many creatures to see the beauty and splendor of said life.
Light, however, is peculiar at times due to the fact that the nature and effects of light seem to vary according to whether or not one actually sees it. There is a dynamism that occurs when a person enters a scene where light glows. While light itself holds no distinct shape on its own, it spills over the figure, allowing us to see the form. To me, the presence of life gives purpose and deeper meaning to the enigmatic energy which is light. In this series, I desire to show how individuals are both mirrors and creators of light. Each piece displays various types of light: electric, natural, reflected, flame, and much more. In addition to being symbols about light, each painting will fit within the different seasons and elements wherein light can be found, thus reminding us that “in all times, and in all things, and in all places” we are expected to GLOW.

Since a young age, Zach Bowman's life has been saturated in the world of art. Watching his mother teach hundreds of students as he crawled around to see the magic created within the walls of his mother's studio, it was natural for Zach to develop an affinity for art. Zach's work has much to do with the love of life, humanity, and light. As he paints in oil, he aims to reflect the depth and radiance of each person as well as the natural luminous environments that surround them. Each layer of oil paint catches light in it's own way and refines the image out of abstracted obscurity of previous layers; in such ways, our life also becomes more clear and beautiful with every addition to its metaphorical canvas.

Location: Main Library, Canteena

Contact Information: 801-524-8200