Blue Nude Migration: A Painting and Poetry Collaboration by Katheryn and Laura Stott

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Limb Angel

Autumn is thick with decay
and when dawn arrives wearing a brilliant, new
frost, the nudes climb to the arms
of an oak tree, flesh upon flesh.
Dangling from fire dyed branches are blue legs,
arms, upside-down faces.

One blessing at a time
falls to earth.

Blue Nude Migration
A Painting and Poetry Collaboration by Katheryn and Laura Stott
Reception and Poetry Reading:
Mon, Apr 2, 7–8:30pm

Laura Stott’s Blue Nude Migration poems began as a response to the Blue Nudes of Henri Matisse. The poems took the blue nudes and explored what kind of life they would have outside of the prints. Eventually, Matisse was no longer in the picture and the blue nudes were a way to respond and test the waters of the world we live in, and the dream world we walk the boundary of. Both the poems and the paintings walk that boundary, keeping a foot in both worlds.

Katheryn Stott’s paintings are in response to the poems, giving another visual space for the nudes to live. One of the aims of the Blue Nude Migration project is to see what results from one artist responding or in conversation with another. Blue Nude Migration is a representation of how art, dreams, and the raw details around us can create new life. As William Blake said in Auguries of Innocence: “To see a World in a Grain of Sand." We hope you enjoy the blue nudes.

Location: Anderson-Foothill

Contact Information: 801-594-8611