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Cory Dumont
Artwork by Cory Dumont
Sat, Mar 10, 4–5pm

Being the person that I am, I need an outlet for creativity. It can manifest in many forms; music, painting, writing, or even a simple sketch. I began painting with watercolor in 2008 and have since moved into the world of acrylics and palette knife painting. What I enjoy about this method is that I can be very loose and not overly concerned about fine detail and let the paint stroke create random lines and blends that, otherwise, I would not think to. I feel my style can be both introspective and unsettling, these are qualities that draw me to certain artists and pieces.

Cory Dumont was born in Bellevue, Nebraska but has lived most of his life in Salt Lake City. His passion for art began at a young age and has become a necessity in his adult life, be it music, painting, writing or graphic design.

After years of painting in watercolors, he moved into the realms of abstract and acrylic painting. Here he found a freedom in experimenting with different tools and techniques.

Today, his work is a range of styles, from landscapes to abstract portraits, and watercolor to acrylics. He expresses a somber and introspective tone at times and a light, hopeful side as well.

Location: Chapman Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8623