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Paintings, Other Artwork
by Rebecca Pyle
Sat, Jan 13, 4–5:30pm

Painting is a bit like ice skating, choreographing. It’s performance; it’s building and changing an original idea for a composition, a bit like a play you get to change the dialogue for—as you go.

Ice skating is something I cannot do.

But on canvas you can compose the dance, the colors you see as you go around the ring, can work small hidden movements into the grand arc, and the turns. You improvise, rescue yourself, land strangely as you go. You are in it. (O’Keefe once said painting is frightening, that feeling as if you are on the edge of a knife, not sure which side you will fall to.)

If you’re lucky, that falling dance weaves its own record of itself, and you can thrill when you look—no matter how many times you look—at the canvas. But these are very exalted terms. Sometimes a painting is a simple though emotional record, not a dance; and these paintings can be alright, too.

Rebecca Pyle has lived in Salt Lake City the past decade or so. Its indigo-purple mountains remind her of Alaska, where she once lived, several decades ago, for one year, as a child.

She has also lived in New York City, Virginia, California, London, and Kansas, too, among other places. The artist does not know why, but she is particularly attracted to painting buildings. Buildings she paints at the site, or from sketches.

She counts as part of her education once knowing the widow of the only American in the phenomenal and historic Blue Rider painting group (Europe)—Anna Bloch, widow of Albert Bloch: and she still remembers the tiny house where once the two lived, near the university where he taught, his paintings everywhere you looked, even climbing the walls of the stairwell to the second floor.

At university, Rebecca could not choose a major for some time: she studied the classics, she was an art student, and she loved art history classes and sitting in the dark art history classrooms and and looking at paintings. She also loved reading other peoples’ books, and she loved being a writing student. So she became a student with over a hundred excess credits beyond basic graduation requirements—a good way to be a student. Perhaps the best.

She is both writer and artist. Her poetry, short stories, and paintings and drawings appear lately as covers of Raven Chronicles Journal; also within Stoneboat, Permafrost, Wisconsin Review, Deluge, Friends of the Great Salt Lake, The Healing Muse, Inklette, Indian Review (India), Constellations, New England Review, and Hawai’i Review (two works forthcoming).

More background: she once painted theater sets; she was once the runner-up in the United Kingdom’s National Poetry Competition, while living and working in London; she is a proud member of a local writing/ performance troupe, Simple Simple.

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Location: Main Library, Gallery at Library Square

Contact Information: 801-524-8200