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Assemblages by Chauncey Secrist
Fri, Feb 16, 7–8:30pm

The act of creation is for me a process of discovery and experimentation. All of my collage works begin in the same way. I sit down surrounded by boxes full of magazines, old photographs, knick knacks, random discarded objects, etc., and then I start cutting and arranging things intuitively, thinking more about their aesthetic qualities than their potential symbolism. As each piece takes its place, meaning seems to arise on its own, rather than being imposed by me. This works very well into my general practice of not telling people too much before they've had an opportunity to engage with the work on their own, and apply their own meaning and narrative to the work. As those interpretations come back to me, they inform my own interpretations, giving my work a quality of being in constant evolution.

Chauncey Secrist is a Utah-based artist, born in Salt Lake City in 1980, who works in a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, collage, and assemblage. His work has been exhibited in many galleries in Utah, including the Springville Museum of Fine Art, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Finch Lane Gallery, Eccles Art Center, Alpine Art, and Art Access; as well as in THAT Gallery in Hong Kong, and the APW Gallery in New York. He has won awards from the Springville Museum and the Eccles Art Center, judged art competitions at the Springville Museum and with the city of South Jordan, and has curated several exhibitions locally. Chauncey lives and works in Salt Lake City.

Location: Main Library, Lower Urban Room Gallery

Contact Information: 801-524-8200