24: Is This Lesly? Artwork by Lesly Abalos-Ambriz

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24: Is This Lesly?
Artwork by Lesly Abalos-Ambriz
Sat, Nov 4, 4–5pm

I make art because I want to escape and be free. Art to me represents freedom. I make art when I have time, but it feels like my best art comes when I don't have any. Most of the artwork is from the year 2016, which was pivotal to my growth in becoming who I am today.

The black and white canvas paintings represent being open. These paintings highlight emotion or lack thereof. I feel like the paintings show certain emotional qualities that can only be felt after abstaining from using color. I'm fascinated by black and white, but I'm much more interested in color because of the life it brings. What I think is important about this series of black and white paintings is that they show conflict. The later pieces are a mix of my older and recent work.

I like drawing faces because you almost have to see the person through their features, and it gives me an appreciation for their uniqueness. Different faces with hard lines or deep creases or certain characteristics inspire me. I like giving myself the liberty to recreate an emotion on paper.

I also like to try out different styles and supplies; I sometimes like feeling uncomfortable in a setting that brings me comfort. My goal is to find comfort in things I'm not. I hope anyone who sees this work will see my clash toward the mundane. These paintings have taught me that as you allow yourself to be open, you let yourself become inspired. Inspiration breeds creativity.

Location: Chapman Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8623