Microscopic Sovereign: Paintings by Natalie Kaye Stallings

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Microscopic Sovereign
Paintings by Natalie Kaye Stallings
Sat, Sep 23, 4pm

Through the lens of an altered reality, these works look at average 21st-century domestic living. Of particular interest to me is how using a fictional lens on reality can broaden our perceptions and change our opinions of actual reality. This collection of work, in particular, focuses on the personal emotions and autobiographical experiences on the subject of womanhood. Of special influence is the past year I spent in rural Spring City, Utah—spending many isolated hours in the agricultural landscape, and pondering the new state of being married as well as expecting a child.

On a personal level, this show reflects the most vulnerable sides of my life and thoughts while going through the massive inner transitions of a young woman. On a public level, this show explores the strengths, weaknesses, perceived paradoxes, and fantastic nature of being female.

The title Microscopic Sovereign reflects the pervading theme of existentialism in my work—expounding on the coexisting trait of determined human aspiration, temporally and spiritually, amidst the existence of each individual's relative smallness in the context of humanity and the Universe.

In my art I am fascinated by the daydreams, layers of reality, and fantasies that we build around ourselves and enter in and out of as we move through life. The physical body and themes of womanhood and mortality are vital subjects when analyzing this, not just because women are the vessels by which life comes about, but because bodies are the ultimate physical reality in which we are all encompassed and by which we experience all other fantasies and ideas. The figure has long been a focus in art when seeking the sublime, and I am interested in continuing to explore it in all its anti-Platonic splendor.

Although my work muddies fabricated narrative with my own life, my experiences and ideas are certainly not isolated and I often find inspiration in sources such as makeup tutorials, fashion magazines, film, theatre, and the processes of life and death. I also draw inspiration from the Impressionists, Genre Painting, Brechtian views, Jazz and improv, and a deep and sincere love for that which Pop Art so cleverly addresses; the belief that dumb ordinary life is a repository of meaning as potentially rich as anything imagined in an ideal realm of the aesthetic.

Natalie Kaye Stallings is an artist, performer, and composer. She studied illustration at Brigham Young University and continues to incorporate narratives and characters into her work and lyrics. She spends much of her time songwriting and performing with her band Pigimichi as well as singing alongside her husband: Composer and Jazz Pianist Jonny Stallings. She recently helped with the formation and release of a collaborative Zine project drawing work from artists all across the country which will be released this fall. Natalie lives in Provo with her husband and their daughter Rosalie.

Location: Main Library, Gallery at Library Square

Contact Information: 801-524-8200