Anthropocene: Paintings by Luke Watson

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  • Anthropocene: Paintings by Luke Watson

Paintings by Luke Watson
Sat, July 8, 2pm

The idea of a view of what the universe is on its own terms and how we relate to it is fascinating to me. This view is not one we can or will ever know, for it is a theoretical perspective that involves no human interpretation—even calling it a perspective anthropomorphizes the idea to some extent. This idea of the unhuman world, an existence of matter and space entirely indifferent to our perceptions, biases, ideas, and feelings entirely indifferent to our humanity, and our relationship to it, is a compelling facet of our lives. Humanity's clashes with the indifferent universe are probably most poignant in times of natural disaster, when nature's phenomena deeply disturb our carefully crafted world. The relationship goes much deeper, however, building a groundwork for spirituality in a more secular sense, and it reminds us of our fragility and temporality, even giving us glimpses toward a terrible beauty one might call the sublime. My work operates in accordance with these themes and the human/universe relationships. It does not attempt any sort of illustration of them, but rather a poetic evocation of them—a metaphorical microcosm. Through altering and isolating recognizable forms, and fabricating spaces, structures, and colors, I build unfamiliar but recognizable imagery. I then attempt to paint that imagery with a love of painting, yet an indifference to the image I have created in order to try to reciprocate the idea of indifference of the world with its occupants.

Location: Chapman Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8623