Flowing Imagination and Changes: Paintings by Ryan Rue Allen

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  • Flowing Imagination and Changes: Paintings by Ryan Rue Allen

Flowing Imagination and Changes
Paintings by Ryan Rue Allen
Wed, Aug 30, 6pm

How I came to the art you view today: my art comes from a high stress level, full of emotions, tears, and heartbreaking moments. After one such heartbreak, I was beside myself. I couldn't believe for the fifth time he was calling it quits. Standing in my room, I was full of every emotion a human possess: I suddenly burst. Then all of a sudden, I remember everything on my desk was flying through the air. Papers, stapler, pens, pencils, folders along with 3 different paints I had just mixed up. I remember the paint in slow motion flying in the air and starting to cross paths and mix, it was beautiful. The red, white and black seem to all comb perfectly as the paint splattered and hit my glass vase. It was perfect marble paint on glass. Thus “Flowing Imagination and Changes” was born.

I am a new artist, though I have been painting most my life. As a child, to kill the boredom in a small town, I started painting ceramics. With each piece I painted, I really started liking the feeling of each finished product. I started with acrylic paints and moved to chalking, which I really loved. I started giving pieces as Christmas and birthday gifts. My Grandma loved every one of them. Then my teenage years hit and I was on to something different. It wasn’t until I started working at a nightclub in downtown Salt Lake City that I found my love of creating something artistic again. Probably 26 years old at the time, I was creating flyers and advertisements for the club. Which lead me to start but not finish my graphic design school at Eagle Gate College. Even though graphic design didn’t pan out, it was a stepping stone for me to get back to school. Age 32, I started at Salt Lake Community College where I took a beginners oil painting class. That first day I looked at my painting and thought, “Wow, Ryan, a kindergartner could have painted a better circle on a flat board. What are you doing in this class?" But I pushed past my self doubt. By the third project our class was painting, I had finally painted a pretty good ball with shadowing and brush strokes. I loved this class, but came to find out oil painting wasn’t considered a “fine art” credit in college. Which lead me to drawing class and art history. I haven’t won any awards yet for my art… yet… I have many years ahead of me to achieve that goal.

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