Smoke Signals: Photography by Joseph Bishop

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  • Smoke Signals: Photography by Joseph Bishop
  • Smoke Signals: Photography by Joseph Bishop

Smoke Signals
Photography by Joseph Bishop
Thu, Aug 3, 7pm

Hello, I'm Joseph Bishop and I refuse to write my own artist's statement in the third person.

As a still life photographer, I usually have a pretty good idea about the results of a project before I start taking pictures. There are always elements that are beyond my control when I use elements like water or fire, but vases and flowers don't move and you know what they are going to look like in the final picture. There is always order among the chaos.

2016 felt like a year of chaos. In January, a good friend passed away from cancer. Three months later my brother died of kidney cancer, and only a couple of months after that a friend was diagnosed with kidney cancer (he passed away in March 2017).

Smoke Signals is a project built on chaos. It is impossible to know what to expect from a picture. Sometimes what is captured is simple and elegant-like. Sometimes things just end up a mess. Perhaps it is just the engineer in me that seeks to make order out of chaos, but looking at hundreds of pictures of smoke can be like looking at the clouds. The random shapes begin to look like things. I chose the pictures for Smoke Signals because of what I saw in the chaos. I deliberately chose to give them numbers instead of descriptive names so that I didn't bias what you see when you look at them. Perhaps you will see a mess. Maybe you will see something more. I guess it all depends on you.

Location: Anderson-Foothill

Contact Information: 801-594-8611