Fears Realized: Paintings by Scott Filipiak

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  • Scott Filipiak

Fears Realized
Paintings by Scott Filipiak
Fri, June 16, 6–9pm
Artist's Talk: Fri, June 16, 6pm
Gallery Stroll: Fri, July 21, 6–9pm

Scott Filipiak was trained as a graphic artist but in recent years has gone back to his roots of painting and photography and has taken time to explore ideas inspired by the natural beauty of the West. His interactive barcode series developed out of his photography when he saw a group of aspen trees that reminded him of a barcode's tightly grouped, vertical lines. Filipiak combined his love of technology and painting to create a working barcode that could be scanned using a free QR Reader app but could also stand alone as a work of art. These interactive barcode paintings have often lead to chainsaws and axes in an ironic symbolization of people's fears. For this exhibition, he "expanded upon this premise by painting internalized fears&mdsah;the fear of people being replaced though they still have use and the fear of being destroyed by that which creates them," says Filipiak.

Location: Finch Lane Gallery, 1320 East 100 South, Salt Lake City 84102

Contact Information: 801-596-5000