Avenues Open Studios: Works by Local Artists

Corinne and Jack Sweet
tags: Art Exhibits

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Avenues Open Studios
Works by Local Artists
July 8, 3pm


Four years ago, Tom Fightmaster and I were talking about the few places in Salt Lake City available to artists to display their work. Galleries want well-known artists who bring in customers, and every year there are fewer and fewer art galleries in Salt Lake City—the attrition hurts everyone. Farmers markets and art fairs often have restrictive rules as well as a hefty fee for participation. We wanted to create an event that is about art, not about business. All Avenues artists are welcome to join the group; we have no prerequisites, no judging, and no censoring. All disciplines are welcome. We have potters, fabric artists, painters, jewelry designers, tie-dye clothing makers, greeting cards, photographers and sculptors. Every artist has the freedom to create without outside influence, to be what we are. –Anne Albaugh

Location: Corinne and Jack Sweet Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8651