Reflections of My Soul: Paintings by JoAnna Johannesen

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Reflections of My Soul
Paintings by JoAnna Johannesen
Thu, Jun 8, 7–8:30pm

I am a 63-year-old widow and this is my first major art exhibit and a first step towards truly embracing the artistic gift that I believe God has given me. He also gave me a gift of poetry, and I am a grateful believer in His power to use talents such as these to create a more exciting and colorful world.

I started painting in my early twenties. I found everything to paint on, from canvas, to pieces of boards, and even to rocks. I began to realize that art was a way to feel special: I came from a dysfunctional background and it had always been difficult making friends, so Art became a source of comfort, to take away the loneliness I felt most of the time.

An art tablet became my salvation in a world that seemed upside down. It wasn't until I was in my late 40's that I was diagnosed as having a form of dyslexia which affected reading, remembering details, and processing directions.

In my 50's, I attended the Salt Lake Community College to get a degree and when I took fine arts as a fun easy class: someone noticed my art abilities and had to just asked me why I was there: I replied that I wanted to learn better shading techniques. (“There is always room for improvement” is my personal philosophy).

The medium that I currently prefer is colored pencils, because it is more convenient to pack the needed paper or pencils for frequent travels on the bus or TRAX. I keep my traveling cart with wheels, packed with supplies, by my front door, ready to leave with me at any time. People notice my frequent drawings are now of cats: they started referring to me as the “Cat lady.” (I love it.)

Throughout my life, art has been my greatest joy to share as a true gift from the heart: to give a painting as a gift, was the best way to express my appreciation and love for them. Each time they look at that gift, my dream is that they remember that it was done for them with love, with care, and was truly a gift from my heart. Each painting is like a child to me, and often difficult to part with, each painting that I sell or give away is like my child leaving the nest: I created them with love, and it is with this motherly love that I send them out into the world to fly free, taking all that love with them.

Location: Anderson-Foothill

Contact Information: 801-594-8611