Off the Beaten Path: Photography by Joshua Colbert

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Off the Beaten Path
Photography by Joshua Colbert
Sat, May 6, 4–5pm

I've always loved the outdoors and hiking away from the hustle and bustle of city life. My main goal is to show you the amazing world around us, if you're willing to go out and find it. Every hike is a different experience, and even doing the same one again will be different than the time before. Panoramic photos are my favorite to create because it allows the viewer to see what I experienced while taking those pictures. Twenty pictures stitched together enable you to see more than what could be taken in a single frame and that is what I want to show.


Joshua Colbert is a freelance photographer from Indiana, but is currently based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. He hopes to someday be a travel photographer and explore the mountainous regions in other countries. Until then, the United State has plenty of new adventures to take part in. He's also an experienced hiker and climber who always has camera in hand ready to capture any animal or scene that might happen upon the path. While nature and landscapes are his specialty, he's always willing to do family photo shoots or adventurous hikes with a group of people to capture every spectacular moment. When he isn't writing about himself in the third person, you can find him playing with his twin boys at home, or heading up one of the canyons to take them to the land he adores.


Location: Chapman Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8623