Shadows & Reflections: Photography by Julie van der Wekken

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Shadows & Reflections
Photography by Julie van der Wekken
Mon, Jun 12, 6pm

When creating a photograph, there are certain aesthetics that draw me in to wanting to explore the subject matter more—shadows and reflections being two of my current favorites. I think of reflections as the yang (bright) of light and the shadows as the yin (dark). The former lets light shine through while the latter blocks it. The lines are blurred sometimes when a reflection is also a shadow and vice versa. As it is with life, most things aren’t what they seem, and if they are, they can quickly change. The truth always changes; things are fluid, just like the light when taking photographs.


Julie lives on a quarter acre in Salt Lake City with her husband, two sons, two rescue cats, four chickens, and one enormous garden. She grew up in a suburb right outside Salt Lake and has lived in Utah her entire life. Julie graduated from Salt Lake Community College in 2001 with a degree in Visual Art & Design/Photography. Even though she has been using a digital camera for the past eight years, she believes that learning the art of photography before digital was the norm—which included how to hand develop film and hand print black and white photographs in a darkroom—has had a definite impact on the photographer she is today. Her photography has been published both online and in print. She is currently part of a group exhibition at the Adobe Building in Lehi, Utah, and this exhibit at the Day-Riverside Branch is her first solo exhibition.

Location: Day-Riverside Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8632