Shadow and Light: Photography by the Salt Lake Photographic Print Society

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Shadow and Light
Photography by the Salt Lake Photographic Print Society
Mon, Jun 5, 7pm

Photography is the art form that is based on capturing light chemically or physically and then producing a tangible copy that is (more or less) permanent. In fact, we often say we are photographing light. While this description sounds mechanical, photographers use great creativity in choosing the subject and printing the image. Most light that we capture is reflected from the object(s) at which we are pointing our lenses. Some of the light is reflected directly, but other light is obstructed and partially blocked, producing a shadow. While we may not normally think that shadows are important, they can be vital in producing either a great or a terrible photograph. They can be as real in a photograph as a three dimensional, solid object. They can obscure the subject if care is not taken. The photographer uses them artistically to enhance the image. Shadows and light combine to define the subjects by giving dimensionality, causing separation between different elements in the composition, and boosting texture.

All the images in this exhibit were chosen because they contain shadows that are important to the design and emotions projected by the whole. As you view these images, take a moment to notice the shadows, how they work in the structure of the composition, and how they add interest and beauty.

Utah's oldest photography club was founded in the 1940s. Our members are dedicated to capturing the light and creating images that evoke a sense of wonder, that ask questions, and that celebrate our world. Our monthly meetings include presentations by photographers on their work, on new programs and methods, gentle critiques, and competitions. The Photographic Print Society presents two exhibitions based on our competitions each year. Come network with fellow photographers and be energized, invigorated, inspired, and educated. Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month, September–May, at 7pm. Check our website for location information:

Location: Main Library, Lower Urban Room

Contact Information: 801-524-8200