Traveling Out West: Going Places, Seeing Things

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Traveling Out West: Going Places, Seeing Things
Photography by Alex Kravtsov and Nadia Dolzhenko
Thu, Jun 1 ,7pm

Alex and Nadia cannot think of a better way to live than to travel in the American West with a camera. "The West is a magical place with a great many different landscapes, incredible light, and an inspiring history,” says Alex. “It is also one of the most photographed places on Earth where a photographer implicitly competes with such giants as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and many others, so it's hard to come up with new and original imagery. But we still try."

Alex Kravtsov is a computer analyst who has been doing photography for over 20 years. His main pursuits include travel, landscape, and fine art photography. For over a decade, he was affiliated with the Salt Lake Art Center where he taught a course. Kravtsov's photography has been exhibited in numerous venues, including the Salt Lake City Public Library, Finch Lane Gallery, Eccles Art Center, Salt Lake Art Center, Bibliotect, Soho Gallery, and in locations statewide through the Utah Arts Council's Traveling Exhibition Program.

Nadia Dolzhenko is a graphic and production designer for the Park Record newspaper in Park City, where she also uses her photographic skills to illustrate news stories. Her main photographic interests include travel and landscape. She has exhibited her work individually and with Alex in several galleries in Salt Lake City.

Location: Marmalade Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8680