This is What Feminism Looks Like: Works by East High School Students

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This is What Feminism Looks Like
Works by East High School Students
Mon, Apr 24, 6:30–8pm

Being a feminist is very simple: It means believing that women are and should be equal to men in matters political, social, and economic. They should be able to vote. They should have equal protection under the law and equal access to healthcare and education. They should be paid as much as their male counterparts are for doing exactly the same job. Do you believe in these things? If so, then you are a feminist.

This exhibit of artwork by both male and female students from East High School addresses feminism on a personal level and in a variety of media. Please view the work and form your own opinion, then read the individual artist statements to understand the image in the context of the artist's perspective.

Location: Main Library Canteena, Level 2

Contact Information: 801-524-8200