The Illusion Underneath: Paintings by Michael Silva

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The Illusion Underneath
Paintings by Michael Silva
Mon, Mar 6, 6pm

I have heard people claim that artists create to express themselves. I’ve also heard someone say of their artwork: “this is me.” This has bewildered me. As I experimented with these pieces I encountered both the feelings of pleasure and disgust. I even remember thinking, “I’m glad I’ve finished this series because it is kind of disturbing.” As I have looked through each piece I didn’t want to claim any as “me”, but gradually I accepted them as “mine”. “Mine” in the sense of an ugly part of my being that hopefully has been successfully extracted. That took some accepting. I titled each image after a component of my old self. My goal in exhibiting these pieces, and really my past, is to give the viewer the opportunity to reflect on what each piece could signify of them. This I say to the viewers: You don’t have to claim them as “you”, but hopefully you can humbly accept them as “yours”.

Michael Silva is a native of California and currently lives in the Salt Lake area. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from BYU-Idaho and was a student of a number of professional artists, including Leon Parson, Gerald Griffin, David Louise Jones, and Vincent Bodily. Michael reports that he was inspired by Leon Parson to make art that has meaning, particularly spiritual. David Jones opened Michael’s eyes to the world of the non-representational and the abstract. Vincent Bodily allowed the pursuit of new creations using methods of experimentation which was the main drive in this series. Gerald Griffin has helped Michael develop confidence in his work through opposition.

Michael believes that experimentation is vital to create new an interesting work. In this series, Michael applied acrylic paint to Plexiglas, wood, and paper in his experimentation. The shapes he portrays have a unique form and are developed through under drawings and many layers of paint. He tries to find meaning in what he makes with an effort to identify why his creations come to be. His hope is to have others reflect on their own lives to understand their purpose in this life and to induce deeper thought. Michael continues to participate in various exhibitions in Idaho and Utah.

Location: Day-Riverside Branch

Contact Information: 801-594-8632